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coding 3The New MK Portal

MK Portal became popular with webmasters because of its great features. But then, the developers decided to shut down the free portal and because of this several webmasters got unhappy with this news. No time for vacation or the usual fietsverhuur Amsterdam, they have to resort in using another CMS to support their online forums, but none of the existing ones was able to fulfill their needs and requirements like what MK portal did. But now, a new CMS has arrived that will help webmasters with their difficulties on their online forum.

Internet connection in each and every place should be monitored especially when using the new MK Portal. Let postcode glasvezel telfort  check what is needed to be checked for your connection to stay stable.

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MK Portals

The ocPortal is a newly released CMS that can be compared to the MK portal. Universities that teaches ocPortal to students, use updated books to guide them through lectures on fundamentals. You can avail online just be sure to use kortingscode schoolboeken for big savings. If your website is still running on MK portal, you can easily convert it into ocPortal using its import tool. With the help of the import tool, you will be able to transfer all of your MK portal data: the forum itself, its features, and the member information. Here are other reasons why ocPortal is as promising as the MK portal:

  • It is completely free
  • It has many website features you can choose from. Webmasters do not have to install all of it, but just choose what they will need.
  • Every aspect of ocPortal can be customized by webmasters, which is good if you know something about programming.
  • The administration system is neatly organized.
  • With the ocPortal, there are several free documents about it plus video tutorials.
  • You won’t need third party add-ons. Every website feature that you need is already with ocPortal.
  • Since it does not depend with add-ons, you are sure that no features in your forum will be left alone, if ever a developer vanishes.
  • It can be incorporated with almost any forum software.
  • They offer a commercial support service to webmasters that need assistance.
  • With its advanced theme technology, webmasters will be able to get a unique design quickly.
  • The ocPortal can run on almost any PHP web server. There is no need for special software or hardware requirements.