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The History of Online Forum

bulletin boardAs the technology develops, it greatly influenced the way how people communicate with each other. Today, people in different parts of the world can easily talk to each other using different modes of communication. But how did people communicate back then when internet is still new to everyone? It’s always good to know where something astounding really came from and what urged the producers to make such thing. If you can get an Anne Frank Museum card, you’ll witness historic goods and discover historic events as well. Let’s see how internet communication evolved through the years.

Bulletin Board System (BBS)

This was the first historical milestone for online communication and the first time in history of the internet where user-generated content became a fundamental aspect of a service. This was achieved by using an old-school bulletin board system but as an online adaptation. The first BBS was called Computerized Bulletin Board system developed by Ward Christensen and Randy Seuss that went live in 1978. It is like a typical bulletin board in school or offices where you will see post from people. If you want to contribute content, you can also post your message there. You can use terminal program named as Telnet, which will enable you to log onto a particular bulletin board and upload/download data. Its features include public message boards, direct messages between users and interactive games. If it’s about vacations, then it’s very much appropriate with Telnet feature. This can be a total fame especially when expedia kortingscode December is being offered. It remained popular until mid-1990s.

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It was first established in 1980s and has a major influence in the present communication in the internet. Usenet is like a long e-mail thread with multiple participants and different threads discussing certain topics. If one person replies to the thread, other participants will be able to receive it. It is like a modern-day forum; however it is distributed to several servers in a peer-to-peer fashion. The server is the one responsible updating other servers. Thus, in this sense, no one owns Usenet.


Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

In 1988, IRC presented a real-time online communication. It is similar to chat room where multiple users are having a live chat. It then evolved as a platform for data transfers and file sharing. Multiple users were able to connect to a specific server and join multiple chat rooms.

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Forums or Message Boards

It is similar to BBS and Usenet but in a much larger scale. There are several forums that are dedicated to a specific topics and discussions. Say you want to know how to get ctrip promotion code on your travel package, you should know exactly what kind of forum you’re looking for when you have that in mind. The very first software for forum protocol was WIT that was developed by W3 Consortium in 1994. Nowadays, forums are still popular. People uses it as a platform to search for support about their queries, usually involved in topics about the internet.