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Since MK portal is no longer available, what are my options to convert it?

There are other available CMS where you can convert your MK portal based website. Some of them are ocPortal, SubDreamer, Joomla, Miraserver and PhpCow.

My website has been running with MK portal for a long time, how I will be able to convince my members about this change?

There are several things you can do for the transition on your website. The most important thing is to consult your moderators and members. Ask questions about: their favorite and most used features; how you can improve the forum; the things that you should add or remove on the website; important guidelines that you should consider to add. If you will be able to satisfy their reasonable requests, then everybody will be excited about the changes on the forum. At the same time, make them understand that the changes will be for the betterment of the forum, especially its services to the members.


I am considering converting my MK portal website into ocPortal, what are the additional features it has to offer?


  • Invitation-only website: With this feature your members will be able to invite a limited number of other people. This gives your forum some kind of exclusivity.
  • Custom profile fields: It will be able to distinguish your forum from others.
  • Punishment: You can control every member’s access, and if someone did not follow the forum’s guideline you can temporarily revoke their access to a topic or other privileges.
  • Post-edit history: You will be able to track every member’s posts and the edits that they do. You will still see the original content up to the recent changes that they made.
  • Improved chat: It has a side-wide chat system.
  • Friendships: Members will be able to connect with others.
  • Club management: With this feature, members will be able to start their own clubs, with an exclusive forum and site privileges.